Colonial Heights Gas Line Repair & Installation Services

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Gas Line Repair and Installation Services Colonial Heights,VA

What are signs you need gas line repair?

Damaged or failing gas lines will show signs of wear that should be quick to spot. These signs include corroded gas pipes and fittings as well as broken or loose connections. If you suspect a problem with your gas line contact us as soon as possible for immediate inspection and repair.

Suspect a leak?

Gas leaks are an emergency and require immediate home evacuation. The most common sign of a gas leak is the rotten egg smell. Natural gas is odorless and colorless, so a chemical is added to your gas supply to release the rotten egg odor when a leak occurs. The smell is often strongest near the source of the leak, so we can use this to get a good estimate of where the leak is located.

Another sign of a gas leak is an unusually dry patch of grass near your home’s gas line. You may also notice dead or dying vegetation in or around this area.

Ruptured gas lines produce hissing or whistling sounds that can be heard near your home’s gas lines or gas appliances. This problem occurs when pressure suddenly and drastically changes in the lines.

If you suspect a gas leak and start to feel dizzy or nauseous, leave your property at once. Do not try to shut off the valves or turn on any electronic devices. Once in a safe area, call your local gas company to report the leak.

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What are the benefits of professional solutions?

Hiring a professional to repair or replace damaged gas lines offers long term benefits:

  • We carry out the most effective and efficient repair/replacement techniques, saving you time and money.
  • Friendly technicians who value our customers’ needs and help take the hassle out of your gas line problems. This ensures a smooth process without surprises in the end.
  • Greater safety measures put in place. Our experts can help you choose and install replacement parts that are suitable for our area’s humid climate.

Contact us for immediate service if you suspect a problem with your gas line. We provide reliable repair and replacement solutions that will solve the issue before it becomes a larger problem.

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