Colonial Heights Burst Pipe Repair Services

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Out of all of the plumbing issues that can plague the average household, a burst pipe can be one of the most difficult, damaging, and costly problems. Fortunately, you have an emergency plumber right in your neighborhood. We are your local Colonial Heights burst pipe repair team providing 24/7 emergency response. You don’t have to wait until the next day to get your problem under control. Just call us any time and we will be at your door ASAP!

Burst Pipe Repair Services in Colonial Heights, VA

What causes burst pipes?

Internal pressure often causes pipe damage. When temperatures outside get low enough, the water in the pipes will start to freeze. As water freezes it also expands. This expansion  causes pressure to build up in the pipe, putting stress on the materials. Plumbing pipes are often strong enough to withstand some pressure from freezing water, but if the pressure becomes too much, or if the pipes have preexisting damage, they are likely to burst.

Why is this an emergency?

Burst pipes can quickly lead to flooding inside your home. This can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage, make your home uninhabitable, and cause safety and health hazards to those nearby. Bacteria and electrical wires also pose huge risks when a pipe bursts.

This isn't the type of problem that can go without a quick fix. It requires swift and professional repair work to ensure that the damage is kept to a minimum, and that safety and health risks are neutralized. Our team works to make sure the same problem does not recur.

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How can you prevent this problem?

Proactive home winterization and insulation is the first step towards a healthier plumbing system during the winter.

Leaving at least one faucet running cold water very slowly will help prevent the water from freezing in the pipes, as this keeps the water moving.

Pipes in basements and garages are often left exposed. We recommend keeping these areas moderately warm to prevent them from being affected by freezing temperatures. If there is no direct heat source in these rooms, try to allow the warm air from the main part of the house to ventilate into the basement, garage, or loft area. If this isn't possible, you can use a small personal heater. We also recommend insulating any exposed piping to reduce risk of bursting.

Regularly inspect pipes for small leaks and signs of damage or aging. Even the smallest bit of damage or the slightest leak can instantly become a burst pipe during the winter, so it is a good idea to check as many exposed pipes as possible in the warmer months. Odd spots of water outside may also indicate a leaky pipe underground, so we recommend a quick check outside as well.

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Colonial Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. will locate the source of your burst pipe problem and repair the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide thorough initial inspections to ensure the best method of repair. We believe in educating our customers in making the right decisions when it comes to their plumbing. This is why we provide maintenance tips as well as pointers on how to avoid the same problem from occurring again.

Your burst pipe problem needs immediate repair. Count on your Colonial Heights plumbers who will be there for you no matter what time it is. Even if it’s three in the morning and you have a burst pipe threatening to flood your home, contact us right away at (804) 526-8415 for fast emergency help!