Colonial Heights Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Stay cool with professional AC repair and maintenance in Colonial Heights. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Call today at (804) 526-8415 to schedule an immediate appointment with our AC repair specialists.

You expect your AC unit to run when needed. But when an unexpected breakdown occurs, it can be tough to find the right solution. Fortunately, you have a team of Colonial Heights AC repair experts who are dedicated to solving your toughest cooling problems. At Colonial Heights Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. we provide only the most cost-effective solutions and tailor our services to your particular problem.

AC Repair Maintenance Service Colonial Heights, VA

What are signs you need AC repair?

Is your AC failing to provide the cool air you need? Don’t be stuck without a properly working AC in the middle of summer. Count on us to diagnose the problem and carry out the best solution.

When is it time to call for professional AC repair? Look out for these problems:

  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • AC runs inconsistently
  • Warm air comes out instead of cool air
  • Dust comes out of the vents when AC is on

Lack of cool air may be due to a faulty thermostat, or it may be the result of another underlying issue. We will pinpoint the problem and repair it. Our goal is to help you return to total home comfort as quickly as possible.

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What are the benefits of regular maintenance?

In order to achieve maximum cooling efficiency and cut down on energy costs, you will need to have your AC professionally maintained at least once a year. Through annual inspection our team of experts can quickly identify potential or minor issues and have them repaired before further problems occur.

Regular professional maintenance also means long term peace of mind for you and your family. We provide comprehensive inspections that eliminate problems before they lead to major headaches for you. No more worrying if your AC will hold up through the summer. You can count on our professional maintenance services to guarantee complete home comfort year-round.

Why work with us?

At Colonial Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. we take pride in quality workmanship with each and every project. Our team engages in weekly trainings that help us improve our customer service skills as well as keep up to date on the latest technology in the field. This means quality results for our customers. You can rely on us to deliver the results you expect, without further problems down the road. Our AC repair and maintenance services comply with all local codes to ensure your long term peace of mind.

Call now at (804) 526-8415 to learn how we can help you save energy and enjoy long term home comfort through full-service repairs and maintenance. We promise you complete satisfaction or your money back.