Colonial Heights Backflow Testing & Certification

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Annual backflow testing is essential in protecting the public water supply. The testing process involves assessing the quality of the water supply and gauging the health risks of the water available to the public. The homeowner is responsible for scheduling testing services and making sure their home is certified to meet all local standards.

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Why is backflow testing necessary?

When backflow occurs it becomes a major health risk that affects not only your home, but your neighbors as well. Backflow testing evaluates the water pressure in the plumbing system. The performance of the backflow assembly is assessed to see how well it manages gray or previously used water. The test is used to measure the specific amount of the gray water permitted to re-enter the system.

The goal of annual backflow testing is to keep the public water supply clean and free of contaminants. Water that is not properly managed can become tainted. Backflow testing ensures that the potable water distributed in the system does not become unexpectedly polluted.

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What are the benefits of this service?

Conditions such as elevated levels of pressure and diminished water quality all degrade the performance of backflow systems over time. Testing detects specific problems in the system before the assembly begins to fail and water quality is affected.

Backflow testing ensures that you receive clean water for cooking, cleaning, washing, and drinking. Our testing services will make sure your water supply is clean and safe for daily use. Testing will alert you to any problems with the assembly that may need to be addressed in order to maintain the system’s efficiency. Our testing services will also indicate if performance has fallen below a certain level.

What is the law regarding testing in Virginia?

Your backflow prevention assembly needs to be tested annually. An annual inspection will evaluate the performance of the entire assembly. The property owner is responsible for scheduling testing every year. Each municipality oversees their local surveying and inspection program. The law requires that the testing is performed by a certified backflow testing technician.

Once testing is complete, the results are forwarded to the coordinator. A backflow preventer device can fail, and when this happens, repairs must be made. Repairs can help restore the assembly to its original specifications. To satisfy performance requirements, the assembly must perform above the minimum standards.

Protect your family and your community from cross contamination in your water supply by being proactive about annual backflow testing. This will keep your community safe and ensures that all potable water available meets the expected level of quality.


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