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Boiler Repair and Installation Services Colonial Heights, VA

What are signs you need boiler repair?

Is your boiler making unusual sounds? Hissing sounds coming from the boiler are often the result of misaligned water distribution. This can cause the entire boiler to stop working.

You may also notice your boiler leaking, with a pool of water around the base. Leaks cause stress throughout the entire unit and can lead to costly repairs. In most cases, replacing the unit may be the more cost effective option. We will discuss this with you upon inspection.

Do you smell unusual odors coming from your boiler? This may point to a gas leak. If you feel nauseous or dizzy, leave the property at once and call your local gas supply when you reach a safe location.

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What do we check during maintenance services?

We recommend annual boiler maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and reduced risk of unexpected breakdowns. One of the first things we will check during routine maintenance is the connection pipe to make sure it is properly sealed with no cracks. Small cracks can eventually lead to gas leaks.

We will also check the boiler’s controls to ensure they are working properly. If not, your electricity or gas bill may start to increase. The controls have to be adjusted from time to time to make sure your boiler is working at its best at all times.

The pressure tank of the boiler is also checked during maintenance. If there is water in the tank, the boiler will need to be repaired. A properly functioning pressure tank should have only air inside.

What are benefits of regular inspections?

Want a lower energy bill? Regular boiler maintenance will help keep your unit functioning in top condition, which means your electric or gas bill stays at a reasonable level. If you have a poorly maintained boiler that is struggling to function, the unit will need to work harder to provide the same amount of heat. This wastes energy and causes your monthly bill to spike.

Regular maintenance will also allow us to catch minor issues or potential problems early on. We can fix the problem on the spot and save you from costly repairs. This will also help you avoid major issues down the road.

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