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Is your bathroom in need of an upgrade or complete remodel? We are your professional Colonial Heights bathroom remodeling and renovation team. Your neighbors have relied on our premier plumbing solutions since 1982. Ready to get started with your remodeling project? Contact us to discuss your options and to schedule an appointment. We will help you transform your old bathroom into a modern space perfectly suited to meet your lifestyle and needs.

Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation Services Colonial Heights,VA

What are the benefits of professional bathroom remodeling?

Our team ensures a quality outcome. A remodeling project that is professionally handled means the job will be completed according to code and provide the results you expect. We have the tools and resources to handle problems that may arise during the project and have them fixed so there are no delays in the process.

Any planned alterations and upgrades will be verified prior to starting the project, so you know exactly what to expect. While some remodeling projects require more work than others, our team of experts will work as efficiently as possible to ensure that the project is completed on time without sacrificing quality. We handle all project sizes while incorporating your design preferences.

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Need to install accessibility fixtures?

Do you share your home with individuals who can benefit from accessibility fixtures? We can help you install convenient features such as bathroom grab bars to make your home an easier place to navigate.

Those with limited mobility rely on grab bars to maintain their autonomy. Grab bars make it easier to maneuver into and out of the shower and help individuals feel more comfortable and confident. The sturdy materials offer a firm grip, reducing the risk of slipping. Grab bars also help provide support while in the shower when mounted at the right height.

Looking for energy efficient bath features?

Low flow shower heads only release approximately 2.5 gallons of water per minute when compared to their high pressure counterparts, which use up 8 gallons of water. Energy efficient fixtures with low flow features dramatically reduce the amount of water used when showering or bathing. Newer fixtures feature as low as 1.5 GPM flow rate when in use.

Aerating and non-aerating options also increase the water pressure by adding air as the water is released. The consistent introduction of air causes higher water pressure, so the user never has to experience water loss. The EPA estimates that nearly 3 trillion gallons of water can be saved each year with these types of fixture upgrades.


Want to cut costs and improve the functionality of your bathroom? Work with our professional remodeling experts to get the results you expect. Call now at (804) 526-8415 to discuss your plans and to set up an appointment with our team. We provide upfront quotes and a thorough discussion of what you want to accomplish with your project.