Colonial Heights Gas Log Fireplace Installation

Do you want the glow of a charming fire but don’t want to deal with the hassles of firewood, soot, and ashes? A gas log fireplace is the perfect alternative! We will help you set up and install one for maximum home comfort. Quality results guaranteed when you call today at (804) 526-8415.

Are you considering a new fireplace for your home? Tired of the work involved with maintaining a wood-burning fireplace? Chopping or buying firewood, stoking the fire, watching for sparks, cleaning up the ash—it all seems like such a hassle. What if you could instantly have a warm, glowing fire by just turning on a switch? Now you can with a new gas log fireplace. Interested? Read on to learn more about this convenient alternative to the traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Gas Log Fireplace Installation Services Colonial Heights,VA

What are the benefits of gas log fireplaces?

Gas log fireplaces look, feel, and work just like a wood-burning fireplace. They can add a romantic touch or create the perfect ambiance for the holidays. But what makes these units so popular is their practical convenience.

On average, gas log fireplaces can help you save at least 25 percent on your energy bills. Over time, these units can easily pay for themselves by reducing your monthly budget.

Aside from helping you save on energy costs, gas log fireplaces offer whole-house heating efficiency. Many units feature a blower pre-installed within the unit. This helps circulate warm air throughout the home, including the other rooms. Instead of the heat being isolated to a single small area, the fans allow it to permeate throughout the house.

Many areas across the country issue "burning bans" that prevent homeowners from utilizing wood-burning fireplaces. Gas log alternatives do not have such stipulations and can be used regardless if a ban is in place or not.

Gas log fireplaces will provide heat as long as the unit is on. Fireplaces that require wood can burn out quickly, requiring a great deal more work to keep them going.

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What are some of the features you can enjoy?

Many gas log fireplaces come built with a remote control that allows you to turn on the unit from across the room. This is considerably easier than trying to get a fire started with wood.

Unlike wood-burning units, gas log fireplaces do not need a chimney. While some units will have an exhaust venting system, they do not create the same buildup or need the same maintenance as a wood-burning fireplace.

Is it easy to install?

Installing a gas log fireplace is not a difficult process. Due to the nature of these units, they can be installed virtually anywhere without harming nearby furniture or flooring. However, running a gas line to the unit is a process that should be handled by your heating professional. We will be able to ensure that all gas line connections are installed properly so you can enjoy full use of your gas log fireplace without interruptions.

Many homeowners throughout Colonial Heights have chosen to install a new gas log fireplace. They provide that rustic charm while supplying consistent heat. Safer than many other heating methods, gas log units offer an aesthetic appeal even when not in use.

Think a gas log fireplace is for you? To learn more about the benefits of this convenient heating alternative, contact our team at (804) 526-8415. We will help you install the right unit and make sure it provides you and your family with years of consistent, reliable heating.