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While municipal water supplies are treated to prevent contaminants from entering your home supply, many impurities still remain in a glass of tap water. At Colonial Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc. we want to make sure your home is protected from all of the other impurities present in untreated tap water. We can help you install the right whole house filtration system to reduce particulate matter and contaminants found in many municipal water sources, as well as improve the taste of your drinking water.

Water Filtration System Installation and Repair Services Colonial Heights,VA

What are the different whole house water filtration systems?

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is an advanced form of water filtration. It works by utilizing your household's water pressure to force tap water through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane allows only water to pass through, sifting out microscopic impurities. However, not all reverse osmosis filters are created equally. Contact us today to learn about the highest quality filters available, so that you can invest in the right purification system for your home.

Carbon filtration

Carbon filtration is a common form of water purification. Water is passed through a highly compacted carbon block, filtering out submicron-sized contaminants. The molecules of contaminants bind to, and are absorbed by, the carbon filter. This type of water purification is best at removing chlorine, sediment, and volatile organic compounds. While not effective at removing minerals, salt, or dissolved contaminants, carbon filtration will remarkably improve the taste and appearance of tap water. Call us today to determine if a carbon filtration system is right for you.

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UV filtration

This method of filtration utilizes UV radiation to destroy all types of bacteria and viruses. It does not rely upon membranes or chemicals for disinfection, and so will not change the original constitution of the water. Tap water is filtered through a UV irradiation chamber, and exits the system completely purified of microorganisms. The unit requires little maintenance and only needs an annual replacement of the bulb. UV filtration will not remove any particulate matter, as it is only capable of disinfection.

Chemical feed filtration

A large variety of chemical agents can be used to purify water, such as soda ash, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide. These solutions can be selected to reduce specific contaminants found in regional water sources. The system consists of a chemical holding tank and a water purification tank, in which water is mixed with the chemical purification solution. In most cases, a simple filter is installed to reduce the presence of purification chemicals in the treated water. This method is highly customizable, versatile, and low-cost in terms of installation and operation. Contact us to learn about the most effective chemical solutions to use in your area.

We understand that you want clean, safe, and delicious drinking water for you and your family. Our goals are to provide you with a high level of customer satisfaction and education, so call us today to discover the best water purification system for your home!

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