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Top 3 Reasons to Go Energy Efficient This Summer

Sometimes, it makes sense to invest in the future. This can mean putting money away for retirement or saving for your kids' college educations. Normally, these investments are plans for the long term future, to see long returns. You might categorize upgrading your HVAC system to a more energy efficient system in this same bucket.

However, there are a lot of immediate benefits to upgrading this summer and you may see returns on your investment a lot sooner than you think.

Making the switch will pay off right away and you’ll start saving money almost immediately. Here are some of the biggest reasons to upgrade soon.

Immediate Positive Environmental Impact

goodenvironmentThere is no doubt that older air conditioners have a big impact on the environment. Especially in the hot months of Summer, your HVAC system probably uses more energy than just about anything else in your house, taxing resources.

In addition, the resources they do use aren’t always used efficiently (more on this later!), causing even more of a drain on resources. Another consideration is that air conditioners can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

In fact, the proliferation of HVAC systems in crowded cities can alter the weather pattern in the area. While we aren’t advocating not using your AC in the summer months, there is no doubt that more energy efficient options would be better for the planet.

The Cost Savings Start Right Away

It may sound vague to say that you’ll save some money when you upgrade to an energy efficient HVAC system but the savings actually start right away and they are tangible. You can even save money right from the outset.

  • savemoneyMany state and local governments offer tax breaks or rebates for making the switch to something more energy efficient. These programs shift all the time so a call to one of our experts at Colonial Plumbing can keep you up to date on all the current opportunities.
  • If you have an older system, chances are you are unnecessarily wasting energy. There is a measurement, called AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) which measures just how much energy that your system might be using. Many older systems have a score of 70, which means that they waste about 30% of their energy. New systems have a score of 93 or above, meaning you start saving money on your bills right away.

Smart Systems Mean a Cooler, Efficient Home

efficiencyOf course, the key thing when it comes to an HVAC system is comfort. While saving money and the environment are great positive impacts, having a cool home is paramount. Thankfully, newer systems will give you a nice and comfortable home as well.

New technology includes a variable fan system which gets your house to the ideal temperature faster and keeps the temperature more consistent.

Combining lower environmental impact, more affordable monthly bills, and a more comfortable home makes upgrading your system a slam dunk. If you have any questions, please call us at Colonial Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. at (804) 526-8415 and we’ll be happy to help.