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Repair or Replace? Is it Time for New Plumbing Equipment?

Every time a fragile plumbing device breaks, homeowners in Colonial Heights, VA face the same dilemma. Is it time to get it fixed or buy a new one? Choosing to repair the device might cost less money, but it's only a Band-Aid solution. One of these days you will need to purchase a replacement.

Modern equipment is likely to be more energy efficient and won't need repairs as frequently, so while buying a replacement comes at a high-cost upfront you may end up saving money down the road. The real issue is figuring when it's time to take the plunge and do a home repipe.

Dealing with Washing Machines

“washingmachine”Washing machines are usually pretty sturdy, but they're also susceptible to major breakdowns. Leaks due to cracks in the tub or loose drums or motor mounts aren't cheap or easy to repair. Acquiring a replacement washing machine may be the best solution in such cases.

It's also worth noting many modern washers are designed to cut down water and energy consumption. Taking advantage of this might save you a bit of cash when it comes to utility charges.

Examining Shower Tops

“showertop”Shower tops are vulnerable to sediment buildup, especially if your home uses hard water. It can create blockages in the plumbing within, which in turn affects water pressure and efficiency. A side effect of this may be water leaks or burst pipes, which could cause heaps of water damage to your bathroom.

If you're not able to take care of the clogs, a replacement shower top may be what you need. Water-efficient models are available on the market.

Kitchen Sink Problems

“kitchensink”It's always a good idea to take care of your kitchen sink. Any amount of damage could result in cracks and leaks, which may be the source of costly water damage. Trading an old kitchen sink with a brand new one may be the best solution.

If you're out shopping for a replacement kitchen sink, you may as well also purchase water-efficient faucets. It's just another way of lowering water consumption and saving money on utility charges.

At Last, Water Heaters

“waterheater”At times we can make heavy use of water heaters and put them through a lot of strain. This can have the effect of wearing them down at an increased pace.

Water leaks, rust spots, and loud noises caused by sediment buildup are all signs of a device in decline. If that weren't enough, these problems only make matters worse because they reduce the device's efficiency and accelerate the damage being done.

If you don't mind forking over the cash, purchasing a tankless water heater may be the best solution. These devices connect directly with a home's plumbing in order to provide access to a limitless supply of warm water. There's also no need for a tank so you can toss the old one and make use of the extra storage space.